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About Us


Who we are:

Just Save Our Children, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) public benefit corporation with the specific purpose of fostering educational development and well-being of disadvantaged children in the Philippines through material aid.


Our Mission:

  • To fight poverty in the Philippines through education.

  • To give each one a means to help children in need.

  • To inspire in our children the value of giving so that they too might help future generations. 


Our Vision:

  • Every Filipino child is given the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education.

  • All members of society working hand in hand to foster our children’s future.


Our Goals:

  • Fill primary and secondary public school libraries with reference books as well as books on mathematics, science and reading, among others.

  • Provide school supplies such as pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons, school bags and lunch boxes for each child to use in school.

  • Provide chalk, paper, art  materials and educational aid materials for teachers to use in school.

  • Give each primary-aged child a storybook to take home and read.

  • At least one decent, age-appropriate toy for each child to play with.










Upcoming Events:
Coming soon

Just Save Our Children, Inc. plans to host fundraisers, among other activities, to collect donations needed to send collected books, educational materials, school supplies and toys to the Philippines.


Please check here in the future for upcoming events.

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